Professional High Efficient Indoor Air Purifier

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Electrical, Electrical
Activated Carbon Air Filter
Portable, Underfloor
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Zhejiang, China
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1000 Set/Sets per Day
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shanghai /ningbo
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                                             Air Purifier Introduction        
      "Jin hao" Air purifier, is one of jia xing jin hao technology co., LTD patent new product,it has powerful decomposition on purify formaldehyde,benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia,TVOC and sterilization function of air purifier,It is based on the most advanced photoelectric plasma technology production, manufacturing, and combines the light catalytic effect and negative ion technology. With high efficiency, low noise, small size, less consumption, and do not need to often maintenance, and other unique advantages. As purification field of highly sophisticated products, once launched, and it is very popular, become bacteria and viruses of cutthroat, peculiar smell and harmful gas buster, Aimed at solving the formaldehyde in benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, and TVOC,and any other the contaminant processing, at the same time could be provide some negative oxygen ion in the air, so that the air can always keep a kind pure and fresh taste to us,thus to create the pure air for people.could be effectively improve indoor environmental health.

      Our advantage, mainly difference is not the general air cleaning machine like the market, the function is not only absorb harmful gas, but efficient decompose the pollutant, achieve to complete the perfect purify air effect.


Home, Living room, hotel, school, clinic,hospital, kitchen, warehouse, garage, restaurant, bar, etc

                                                                  Main Function

  • Decomposition & purification.
  • Scavenging air of the biological pollutants - kill and destroy the air and object surface of  bacteria, viruses, mould, to prevent for the air die scurfy, pollen caused disease, reduce germs spread in the air.
  • Neutralization of chemical gas -Neutralization from the volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene, pesticides, mist hydrocarbon, paint the harmful gas emitted, prevent for absorbing harmful gas what caused body unwell.
  • To remove the air particles- remove dirt, dust, smoke, fiber impurities, etc.
  • To remove taste - remove chemicals, animal, tobacco, food, materials sends out the odor and achieve deodorant effect.
  • Complete decompose every pollutant,not only the absorb
  • Maintain fresh and natural air
  • Remove odors, tobacco smoke, fume, foodsmell, beverage smell, pet smell.
  • Eliminate dust, pollen, allergy, mold
  • Kill bacterial, virus, germ
  • Help you breathe and sleep better!
  • Coverage up tp 3.000ft2

                                                        China-chinese style

  •     Design is simple, no complicated modern elements, give the family a warm, real existence. Finally please modern technological restraint, and purification performance and first-class strong.
  •    The top of the air purification machine can put miniascape of flowers, love flowers, not only could ba enjoy the beauty of breathing clean air but also can enjoy the beauty of nature
  •    Easy and convenient operation, good energy saving effect, best quality, design style is the traditional Chinese style, the rich profound cultural and artistic atmosphere,very nice. Purifying effect is very obvious, A small case,in the indoor cigarette smoke, open the machine, smoke spread quickly at once. The air is very fresh, safe, trustworthy.
  •    Our products are applied for a national patent, the domestic market is only our manufacturers can have power production of this product. Our product is different from the market on the common air purification equipment, the market is simply the adsorption of harmful gases, definitely will cause two pollution, long time harmful substances will once again spread, the machine itself is not a long life. So will be cause our life has serious harm. Our patent air purifier, is not only a high strength to absorb the harmful gases, but after absorption through our high-tech reaction   complete decomposition of harmful substances, there is absolutely no twice pollution, can purify indoor air, zero pollution, you can have complete peace of mind for a breath of fresh air.

                                                   Performance Characteristics

  • Automatic induction: advanced the automatic dynamic measuring of gas pollution function, automatic removal all of the contaminants;
  • High efficiency and energy saving: work continuously two days, power consumption is only 1 degree;
  • Mute design: quiet operation, let your environment avoid from the noise pollution;
  • Indoor put:can have good adornment effect, the top of the machine retain the place for putting the flowers or another thing what you like, lets the home have more warmth feeling.

                                                                        Configuration Introduction


  • Power supply: 220 v, 45 w
  • Power line: AC/DC switching power supply
  • Material: aluminum alloy, etc
  • Control: key
  • Purification methods: plasma/light catalyst/negative ions
  • Purification rate: suspended particle 99% ,bacteria 99% ,TVOC > 90%,etc
  • Noise: < 45 db (maximum)
  • Negative ion release quantity: 2 million ~ 3 million (a /3), ozone release: < 0.05 PPM
  • Size: 270 mm (long) X270mm (wide) X780mm (high)
  • Net weight: According to the actual
  • Color: white,milk white.